Angela dishington

14 lochend drive




Artist statement

In my work I aim to focus on life, and in particular life on life’s terms. Aspects of life’s journey is important, looking at individual struggles. My work recently, has been influenced by my job. I am employed with NHS Lothian, I am ward based, caring for elderly patients, some of whom are facing death, sometimes known or unknown to them, but always known to me. Working in this area, makes me realise how important our time is, and to live life for today. I would like my artistic work to show compassion, for it to be aesthetically pleasing, death is a part of life, and for most people they do not think about it on a daily basis, but I am faced with death each day I go to work. It is a difficult subject for many, but I try to bring a peacefulness to my work, making it more acceptable. I do not want to shock, or portray death and dying as being something to be afraid of, but more of an awakening, a realisation that death is a part of life.


Btec foundation, hnd,contemporary art practice

Edinburgh Telford College

University of Cumbria 2012


Btec Foundation 2008

Hnc diploma show Edinburgh 2009

Cabin Fever 2010 Edinburgh

Previous Work

Pittemweem art festival

Richard Demarco Collection


Nhs Lothian



Alan Holligan

Colette woods

Jenni temple

Edinburgh Telford College






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