Land Art…   Type of modern art that uses natural substances, such as rocks and soil as its raw materials.  Earth art  or Earthworks emerged in the United States in the late 1960s early 1970s.

Land artists rejected the commercialization of art and where concerned  with ‘back to the land’ reaction against the destruction of the countryside through urbanization and industrialization.

Land Artists

Robert Smithson 


Andy Goldsworthy

Richard Long

Robert Smithson  Spiral Jetty

350px-spiral-jetty-from-rozel-pointA road of earth and rocks running out into the Great Salt Lake Utah U.S  

Smithson died in a plane crash when he was surveying one of his works. This sadly suggests that land art can be viewed better from an aerial viewpoint.  Because of the size and location of the works, they are often presented as photographs and are very beautiful in this media. Maps are also use to define where  this work is located and is taken to be part of the art work.

Land Art can be seen as part of the wider movement of Conceptual art.

Richard Long  A Line made by Walkingimages-1

A line made  by walking is simply that, walking the same line to create  an indentation in the earth.  This would be difficult to view in a gallery space , so photograph was the best way to view this piece.


Andy Goldsworthy  is also called an environmental artist or sculptor, he collaborates with nature to make creations and his goal is to understand nature by participating as intimately as he can. He works with whatever materials come to hand, twigs, leaves, stones, snow, ice ,reeds and thorns. If its snowing he works with snow, an environmentally important attitude.   ‘Looking, touching, place and form  are all inseparable from the resulting work’. Andy Goldsworthy 

Land Art and Environmental Art can be linked to Arte Povera, because of the link in not using consumer products, nature is free, inspired by Cubism and Minimal art the work of Brancusi  Beuys and conceptual artist and designer Isamu Noguchi , who had an unlimited field for abstract sculptural expression. images

Richard Serra Minimal Artist    The Matter of Time 

200px-the_matter_of_time As an image this for me is very close to what Land Art suggests 

In my opinion Land Art is still needed in this society, probably more today, in these times of waste and every man for himself attitude, a selfish society. We need to turn back to nature to see its true beauty and what it holds for us, rather than the rape of it as we have been doing.  It may click an unconscious emotion in us as human beings and lead us back to a basic altruistic attitude we desperately need


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  1. Also (sustainable) Land Art:
    From Natural Sculptures and Earth Works to a wooden Cactus and a Stone Age Cinema.
    All Art from the Land.

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