Futurism was a major Italian art movement, avant garde in the years preceding WWI.  Founded and inspired by Filippo Tomasso Marinettii in 1909.  The futurists loved speed, noise ,machines, pollution ,and cities and glorified violence and energy.  Futurism also depicts motion, shallow spaces and shifting planes, optical and temporal space of the modern age. They embraced the new world in which they lived, but rather than enjoying it they denounced the forces that made it possible.  The manifesto by Marinetti, a poet, attacked established cultural values, they had a loathing for anything old especially artistic and political tradition.  “We  want no part of it, the past, . We are the young and strong Futurists”

Futurists practiced in every medium of art , painting ,sculpture, graphic design, literature, music, interior design, architecture and even gastronomy.

Technical Manifeso

Concerned with the idea of conveying a sense of movement in futurist paintings, blurring forms or overlapping images in the manner of high speed muliple exposure photoghraphy is apparent.  The art was aimed at the idea of intuition, which they defined as “simple indivisable experience of symphathy through which one is moved into the inner being of an object, to grasp what is unique and ineffable within it”  Presenting the viewer to apprehend the inner being of what they depicted.

Artists in Futurism  were Umberto Boccioni , Gino Severini, Giacomo Balla and Luigi Russolo. 

Umberto Boccioni Modern Idol 1911image_permanent_boccioniBoccioni attempts to unite his subjects with the space  and objects that surrounds them, creating movement.

Giacomo BallagballaartAbstract speed and sound.1912 Light and movent are apparent in this painting.  Gino Severini a painter was also interested in the idea of light and movement pcai9xy2lca1ihjf8carj3kbjcahebd62ca2q1tyica6sw71hcawfwbhaca313vrpcavqewibcabvjgceca5q4p3tcau0l665cafkq5ajcacp7kcecax12305cahnomilcam4qt1xca2j9o1cca5iy6laand colour as this piece shows  called Danseuse.  The art of noise was established by Luigi Russolo, being the turn of the century and machine was new and exciting Russolo made, by hand ,machines to make noise and i love the sculptural ideas and the influences of this.intonarumori

Political Times

Fascism.           Political. philosophical  movement in Italy,  a regime that exhalts nation, and often race above individual.  Having a central autocratic goverment headed by a dictator.  Marinitti although a friend of Mussolini, and supported Facsism did not support the statement that Futurism was the “official art of Fascism”  Fascism used both traditional and avande garde art for propoganda purposes and Futurism was one of a number of movements it plundered for these reasons.

The fragmented form of Cubism and the bright colour of neo expressionism were the major influences.  Subjects were taken from modern city life, machines and power centered in Futurism, just as it had with the Cubists and Constructivists.  Futurists had a influence on Surealism and Pop Art.


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