Frank Auerbach

Frank Auerbach is a figurative painter , he does not prepare nor uses outline sketches but, expects his models to reassume the same position sitting after sitting. His work is described  {broadly} as expressionism and he uses oil paint in an extremely thick impasto technique.  Impasto = Italian word for dough or mixture or paste gives an artist control over the play of light on the painting.

A sculptural aspect is found in Auerbachs work, the layering of paint makes his work look sculptured as does the way he overlays when drawing.  His application is with very broad brush strokes and palette knives.



Marlene Dumas

images-3images-2                                                                         South African born artist who uses photographs and magazines as her source material.  Contemporary Artist cause an uproar with her paintings of children ,as some viewed them as obscene. Paints with oils , stretching the paint to an almost transparent and luminous tone. Lives and works in Amsterdam.

Gerhard Richter

Refreshing work interesting both avant garde and traditional he is incredibily diverse spanning several art movements.

I particularly liked his paintings from photographs Familie am Meer  and Absrtaktes Bild .  His ability to move thru different genres with little or no difficulty. The vibrant colours in his large abstract works, in contrast to his black\white\grey images taken from photographs. Influences Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Art , Surrealism Montage Realist and Fluxus movements.images-41

Luc Tuymans

the gas chamber

the gas chamber

Luc Tuymans is considered one of the most significant and influential contemporary painters today.  Born in Belgium , he began to study art in 1976. He concentrated on painting in a time when others thought this medium had lost its relevance, in a time of  information many thought this a very conservative form of expression.  Tuymans work is sourced from photographs television and film, and the range of his imagery deliberately resists being categorised. His ideas are not expressed explicitly but implied through subtle hints and allusions.