lovely andrea hito steyeri 2007

I enjoyed watching this 30min vid, not for the content, rope bondage models do not fascinate me in the least but for the ideas it conjured up within me.  I like the idea of being totally powerless over the situation, and taking this into other facets of life, and what powerlessness actually means to me.    I believe in certain circumstances being powerless is actually a freedom.  When one has no control of circumstances and is never going to regain, or have control, acceptance is the greater emotion thereby totally liberating and freeing.

The music also returned me to a time when I was free, Xray specs “Oh bondage up yours”, was a song in an era of revolt, especially anti government and society, but as is the case, a web of deceit actually exists, and the film returns you to the truth, we are all caught up in bondage of some sort.


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